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Multiple Plans and Multiple Rating Cycles

List of all users under the performance management tab showing users with multiple plans across multiple rating cycles. Names of users are circled.

USA Performance allows employees to have multiple plans within a rating cycle per the Agency's Performance Management System. Further, you have the ability to view performance plans associated with any user across multiple rating cycles. This functionality allows an employee to be put on a new plan in the event the employee is on detail, received a promotion or changed positions.

Only an Agency or Organizational Administrator can close a plan and assign a new template. To place an employee on multiple performance plans, contact your Agency or Organizational Administrator.

You will receive a notice to Create New Plan under Tasks Requiring My Attention once your Agency or Organizational Administrator closes out the employee's original performance plan and assigns the employee to a new performance plan.

  1. Click on the Performance Management tab in the navigation tab.
  2. View employees with multiple plans across multiple rating cycles.