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Appointing Authority Batch Signature Option

Batch Sign window with list of Executives plans ready for signature and Sign selected plans button. A prompt is shown stating are you sure you want to batch sign these performance plans? Doing so will assign a default rating based on the initial summary rating, if no adjustments have been made to a performance plan. Your signature will be affixed to the performance plans and cannot be undone. Includes yes and no buttons.

The Appointing Authority also has the option to sign multiple performance plans at once. "Sign Plan(s) As Appointing Authority" will appear in the Appointing Authority's "Tasks Requiring My Attention" once performance plans have been signed by the Performance Review Board Chair. Clicking on "Batch Sign" will open the "Ready for Appointing Authority Signature" tab. Select which plans you wish to sign by checking next to the respective name and clicking the "Sign Selected Plans" button.

Please ensure that you have reviewed the performance plans and recommendations, and made any necessary changes to the ratings before signing. Once signed, the annual summary rating is final and cannot be undone.

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