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Import a Performance Plan from the Previous Year

Prompt to copy the performance plan from the prior rating period. It states do you want to transfer data from the previous evaluation to this one? A preview of the tranferred evaluation is below. If you click 'yes', you must save the evaluation in order to keep the changes. The bottom provides yes and no buttons.

After clicking "Create Plan," you may see an option to "Import from Previous Plan." This option will only appear if you (or the employee) had a performance plan in USAP in the previous performance management (PM) cycle.

When you select "Create Plan," a prompt may appear asking if you want to import the data from the previous performance plan. Choose "Yes" or "No."

Selecting "Yes" for this option will copy the contents from "Part 1. Consultation," any agency-specific requirements for the critical elements, weight settings, and the performance requirements and strategic alignment.

NOTE: If your agency's PM requirements have changed since the previous year, the system will default to the new PM settings. Opting to import the previous year's performance plan will not override new PM cycle requirements.

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