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Performance Review Board Recommendation and Signature

After all agency-required signatures for the Initial Summary Rating have been completed, the Performance Review Board (PRB) will review the Executive's rating and any pertinent documentation, and make their own recommendation for rating. When the plan is ready for PRB review and signature, the prompt "Sign Plan(s) as PRB Chair" will appear the PRB Chair's "Tasks Requiring My Attention." Agency Administrators, Rating Officials, and Reviewing Officials cannot view PRB Notes. That function is only for PRB Members and Chairs. Once the rating is assigned and signed by a Chair, the notes can no longer be viewed. PRB Members/Chairs can only see the plans of users assigned to the PRB Group(s) of which they are member(s) or chair(s).

Tasks Requiring My Attention dashboard section with sub sections for My Active Plans and My Employee's Plans. Under my Employees' Plans, Sign 2019 Plan(s) as PRB Chair, is outlined.

Note: The PRB recommendation does not affect the Annual Summary Rating, even if it is different from the Initial Summary Rating.

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