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Sign Performance Plans as a Rating Official

When a plan is complete, the Rating Official must sign the plan before the Executive will be able to sign. "Sign Plan" will be listed in "Tasks Requiring My Attention" on the Dashboard when a plan is awaiting your signature.

➤ To sign a plan, select "Sign Plan(s)" to open the list of plans that need signatures for that year

Tasks Requiring My Attention Dashboard section with subsections My Active Plans and My Employees' Plans with Sign 2016 Plan(s) circled under My Employees' Plans.

➤ Select employee whose plan you want to sign

Performance Management table with headings for Name, Rating Cycle Group, Plan Begin Date and Plan End Date with an employee name under name column circled.

➤ In Part 1, next to "Rating Official's Name," select "Sign"

➤ Verify that you want to sign the plan by selecting "Yes" in when the prompt appears

Prompt that states: <code>Are you sure you want to sign this Performance Plan? Have you met with this executive to discuss this Performance Plan?</code> with buttons for yes and no. Rating Officials Signature box is below this prompt with a sign button.

Note: You will not be able to type your name or the date in the boxes. When you select "Yes" to sign the plan, your name and date will automatically appear in the respective boxes.

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