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Edit or Remove Performance Requirements

Box that says number 5 Critical Elements with explaination

Performance requirements may be edited or removed up to 90 days before the end of the performance appraisal period.

To edit or remove a performance requirement, complete the following actions:

  • To Edit- Scroll down to the performance requirement section you wish to edit and click in the "Performance Requirement" or the "Strategic Alignment" fields so you can edit the text

  • To Delete- To delete an entire performance requirement, select the red "X" box next to the Performance Requirement you wish to delete. You will only be able to delete an optional performance requirement.

  • Select "Save" at the top of the page

Delete button

NOTE: Once a plan is signed by the Executive and/or the Rating Official, signatures have to be removed before changes can be made. To remove a signature from a plan, select the "Remove" button that appears next to your signature. Removing your signature will also remove other's signatures.

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