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Add Text to the Critical Elements

For Critical Elements 1-4, agency-specific performance requirements may be added to the standard element language. To add an agency-specific performance requirement to Critical Elements 1-4:

➤ Place your cursor in the text box under "Agency-Specific Performance Requirements"

➤ Insert the additional text

➤ Click "Save" at the top of the page

NOTE: For Critical Element 5, the plan must have at least one agency-specific requirement. The next slide provides more information about adding performance requirements.

ALERT: Due to system timeouts, we recommend drafting any narratives in a word processing program and then pasting it into the USAP plan. Typing text does not prevent the system from timing out. If the system times out before you save, you will lose your work. Save your work often! Performance plan showing critical element 2 leading people with element definition and agency specific performance requirements. The save button is outlined in a box.

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