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Progress Review

USA Performance Cycle diagram that shows four phases: system orientation, planning, monitoring, and rating. The Monitoring phase is highlighted.

Progress Review occurs after the performance plan has been created and the initial consultation and signatures have been completed. In Progress Review phase, you have the ability to take the following actions:

  • Edit or add additional text to the critical elements to include agency-specific requirements
  • Add a performance requirement and provide strategic alignment
  • Edit or remove performance requirements
  • Provide progress review notes
  • Sign progress reviews as the Executive or as a Rating Official
  • Add supporting documentation
  • Print performance plans

Note: The actions listed above occur initially in the planning phase, but can be repeated during the progress review phase if a plan requires revisions. However, in order to edit critical elements, add a performance requirement, or edit or remove a performance requirement during the monitoring phase, the Rating Official and the Executive must un-sign the plan, make any necessary revisions, and then re-sign the plan. To un-sign the plan, select the "Remove" button, which appears next to your signature in the performance plan.

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