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Executive Signature

Request a higher level review box is checked and circled, and a prompt stating, are you sure? Clicking yes will request a higher level review and sign your plan. If you want to upload rating response documents before requesting this review, please click no, upload your documents in the employee documents section below, and then sign/request a higher level review. Includes yes and no buttons

Once the performance plan has been rated and signed by the Rating Official and the Higher Level Reviewer (if required), the Executive will have the opportunity to review their ratings and sign the plan under "Part 3. Summary Rating."

Prior to signing the plan, the Executive has the option to request a Higher Level Reviewer.

Before selecting the "Request a Higher Level Review" checkbox, the Executive must upload a justification explaining why they disagree with the rating. This should be uploaded to the "Employee Documents."

Note: If a Higher Level Review has already been conducted based on agency specific policy, the Agency or Organizational Administrator will be notified to assign the performance plan to another Higher Level Reviewer. Also, if an employee signature is removed, the plan will stay in the Monitoring phase. Notification is not received if a signature has been removed. A plan must be opened to determine if signatures have been removed. The Performance Management Page will display a plan if a signature is removed during the planning phase.

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