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Executive's Accomplishment Narrative

As an Executive, you have the option to document your accomplishments for the rating period in "Part 7. Executive's Accomplishment Narrative." You also have the option to send your Rating Official your narrative by selecting the "Send to Rating Official" checkbox. If selected, the Rating Official will receive an alert under "My Tasks" to "Review Executive Summary and Sign"; otherwise, your narrative can only be seen by you.

Part 7 executive's accomplishment narrative showing the send to rating official box checked and circled, along with a prompt that states, are you sure you want to notify your Rating Official that your narrative is complete? Notification will be sent upon saving the evaluation. Includes yes and no buttons.

Note: Since "Part 7. Executive's Accomplishment Narrative" is optional, it is not required to select the "Send to Rating Official" checkbox. The Rating Official will still receive the task to sign the Performance Plan, however, they will not receive a notification to review the narrative if the checkbox is not selected.

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