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Appointing Authority & Final Summary Rating

After the PRB Chair signs the PRB recommended rating, the prompt "Sign Plan(s) As Appointing Authority" will appear in the Appointing Authority's "Tasks Requiring My Attention." Clicking on the task will open the "Ready for Appointing Authority Signature" tab, which lists all the executives whose plans are ready for signature. The Appointing Authority can open an Executive's performance plan by clicking on their name. Here, they will review the ratings, make any necessary changes to critical element ratings by using the dropdowns under the "Final" column in Part 4 and click "Save." The Appointing Authority can then provide the final signature for the "Annual Summary Rating" in Part 3 or choose to sign multiple plans at once using the "Batch Sign" function (explained in the next slide). After the Appointing Authority signs, the evaluation is complete.

Tasks Requiring My Attention dashboard section showing My Employees' Plans with Sign 2019 Plan(s) as Appointing Authority outlined.

Note: The Appointing Authority will not select the rating in Part 3. The Appointing Authority can change the ratings for the Critical Elements in Part 4. The system automatically calculates the Annual Summary Rating based on the final ratings in Part 4.

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